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Protect your employees and keep your business running.


The effects of SARS-CoV-2 will be felt long after the virus is gone. But this may take months if not years. Right now, the biggest personal effect of the virus is the reduced mobility, limited social contact and the lingering doubt that besets each of us: Have I had the COVID-19 illness? This affects your social relationships, puts you and your loved ones at risk of catching the virus, and keeps you from your executing your plans, dreams and ambitions.


We provide you with a holistic testing solution at the place of your choice and thereby bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones. So you can live your life to the fullest.


Our CE-certified and regulator-approved antibody test (the antigen test is currently under review) have been sampled from over 30 tests worldwide. We have performed independent analyses of the tests to verify their quality, and our medical doctor has personally undertaken cross-checks in Switzerland. The results speak for themselves: All of the true positive samples (PCR verified patients) have been detected by our tests.

Together with you we define a testing protocol that suits your needs. When you want and where you want. One of our qualified health professionals comes to your place of choice to carry out the test. A simple prick of your finger and within minutes you will know the truth about current or past infection with COVID-19.

Our tests are:

- Antigen test: A rapid antigen test that detects an infection early on.

- Antibody test: A combined rapid IgM/IgG test (sensitivity: ; specificity) to detect both past and current infections

- A PCR test to get a quantified result early on.

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