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Protect your employees and keep your business running.


SARS-CoV-2 has interrupted your processes, disrupted your supply chains or simply diverted your attention momentarily away from your customers. Irrespective of whether you were forced to close your business, adapt your procution line or were among the lucky few who benefitted from a boom, it's time to focus on keeping your customers happy in the medium and long run. Health experts expect COVID-19 to occupy us for months, if not years.

As a business leader, you want to make sure to remain in control of the uncertain future. You know that you need to protect your employees from falling ill to COVID-19. One single infection can spread inside your company and create havoc. That would mean certain interruption of your value creation processes.


We provide you with our comprehensive testing services, so you don't have to worry about anything. We come to you, test your team and give you a comprehensive report afterward. As a one-time or a repeated measure. So you can concentrate on steering your business through these extraordinary times. This will give you the certainty that you have reduced the risk of expensive interruptions. At the same time, your employees will be grateful for the added layer of security you offer them and their loved ones.


Our CE-certified and regulator-approved antibody test (the antigen test is currently under review) have been sampled from over 30 tests worldwide. We have performed independent analyses of the tests to verify their quality, and our medical doctor has personally undertaken cross-checks in Switzerland. The results speak for themselves: All of the true positive samples (PCR verified patients) have been detected by our tests.

Together with you we define a testing protocol that does not interrupt your operations. One of our qualified health professionals comes to your site to carry out the test. Our tests allow a high throughput rate of up to 30 employees per hour and health professional. The results will be communicated to your employees within 15 minutes and in case of a positive result we repeat the test (a standard protocol in medicine). We will compile a comprehensive report for your files.

If you have a medical person in your company (e.g. a company doctor), we of course also furnish you with the stand-alone test for your own application without our health professional.

Our tests are:

- Antigen test: A rapid antigen test that detects an infection early on.

- Antibody test: A combined rapid IgM/IgG test (sensitivity: ; specificity) to detect both past and current infections

- A PCR test to get a quantified result early on.

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